We will work closely with you to select and install the best flooring for your commercial property, whether it’s a restaurant, a warehouse, a college or a children’s hospital. With enough manpower to complete your project under the tightest deadlines, our commercial flooring installation team can work around your schedule to make sure we don’t get in the way of your business operations.

Choose from a wide variety of commercial flooring options, such as commercial hardwood and laminate, linoleum, luxury vinyl tile, vinyl composition tile, porcelain tile and many others. We can help you select flooring that meets all required LEED and other safety specifications for your type of commercial property.

We know how to use commercial flooring materials strategically to:

  • Fill large open spaces
  • Define different zones through color and texture
  • Bring out the nature of the business and complement the rest of the décor
  • Establish the flow between different areas
  • Feature complex patterns and designs to draw attention

Contact Dependable Carpet and Flooring with any questions about commercial flooring installation in Maryland.