At Dependable Carpet and Flooring, we think flooring is more than the surface you walk on. The right floor covering reflects your personal style, brings out the beauty of your home and makes it a cozy place. If you wish, you can easily turn your floors into a conversation piece by using unique materials, patterns or color combinations.

No matter what look and feel you are trying to achieve by replacing the floors in your residence, Dependable Carpet and Flooring can help you select, purchase, install and even maintain your new floors. We know your floors have to suit your lifestyle, which is why we offer:

  • Pet-friendly, stain-resistant flooring
  • Low-VOC carpets for a healthier home environment
  • Sustainable, green flooring for eco-conscious homeowners
  • Floor coverings safe for small children
  • Low-maintenance flooring
  • Durable flooring for big families and high-traffic areas
  • Stable, humidity-tolerant flooring for below-grade structures

Give us a call at 410-925-6795 if you are unsure what type of floor covering will work best in your home. We’ve helped many homeowners with residential flooring sales and installation in Ellicott City, and we’ll be happy to help you too.